2024 Honda Prologue Preview

September 30th, 2022 by


In 2024, Honda will be adding a fresh, all-electric SUV to its new lineup. The Honda Prologue is being designed and built in conjunction with GM, and while little is known about it currently, what has been shared seems promising. Round Rock drivers wanting a Honda EV SUV can look forward to its debonair stylings and all-electric driving range that’s anticipated to rival its competitors. Read on for a 2024 Honda Prologue preview that we hope will leave you feeling as excited as we are for its arrival! 


2024 Honda Prologue Pricing 

As of this writing, no concrete information has been released about the Honda Prologue’s configurations or MSRPs. For many of its vehicles, Honda offers trim levels like LX, EX, EX-L, and Touring, so there’s a good chance those configurations will show themselves in the Prologue’s lineup. 

2024 Honda Prologue Performance 

Since little is known about the Honda Prologue, many industry experts are looking to other prominent electric SUVs to better understand how the Prologue will perform. It’s expected that the Honda Prologue will share the Cadillac Lyriq’s BEV3 platform, which would make sense considering Honda and GM’s strategic alliance. 

In June 2021, Honda announced plans for EVs built on GM’s Ultium platform, so the 2024 Honda Prologue will likely arrive with some features in common with a GM EV. There’s a good chance it’ll be powered by a 100-kWh battery that’s similar to the Cadillac Lyriq’s, which gets an all-electric driving range of well over 300 miles. Currently, the Prologue is set to launch in 2024 as a 2024 model-year vehicle. 

2024 Honda Prologue Design

Sharp and clutter-free is the design aesthetic of the 2024 Honda Prologue. When it’s finally released, it’ll likely look a bit different from its concept art — but not drastically so. The front of the Honda Prologue will feature a gloss black panel bordered by slim, ultra-modern LED headlamps and a trapezoidal lower grille. This grille in particular will allow for improved battery cooling. The rear will feature a tailgate that’s nicely outlined by LED taillamps that flow downwards before flaring out.

Stay Tuned for More Honda Prologue Info from First Texas Honda! 

Again, the Honda Prologue’s release date isn’t until sometime in 2024, but we think there’s plenty to feel excited about now with regard to its performance and style. If you have any questions about our Honda Prologue preview, or you want to test drive one of our new hybrid vehicles for sale, contact us online or by phone at (512) 220-0995. We also encourage you to explore our Honda research hub for more information about the Honda brand, its vehicles, and its technologies. 


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